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Train containers China, Silk Road

We connect China and Europe by rail! Train transport is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight, which may be a perfect interim solution for you. The train connection is transparent and accurate, delays are negligible. We can load both your LCL and FCL shipments on the train.

Destinations of the train are Hamburg, Duisburg, and Tilburg. From all these destinations we can perfectly deliver your container or loose shipment to you as quickly as you want. The direct consequence of the short transit of the container rail from China to Europe is that you immediately save on your stock due to a time-to-market advantage.

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Other benefits:

  • 3 departures per week; Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
  • A transit of about 16 days
  • Cheaper than Airfreight and faster than Ocean freight
  • Flexibility in last-mile delivery
  • Options for FCL and LCL
  • Pre-carriage throughout China
  • For both dry and temperature-controlled goods
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transport

Intermodal train transports Europe

The use of intermodal transport plays an important role in the European transport world.

ShipRoad has had experience with intermodal transport through the network of Neele-Vat Logistics since 1973. Thanks to our strong network, we are better equipped to transport your loads how and when you want. At present, goods are transported by rail in 220 swap bodies of Neele-Vat Logistics.

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