Retail solutions

Consumers expect retailers to have their stock in order and for products to be available relatively quickly in every channel. In addition, he expects a product purchased online to be delivered at the time and location of his preference. That’s what we as Ship-Road Retail specialize in.

What can we offer you:

  • Complete import processing of your goods by specialists
  • Customs and fiscal representation in-house
  • 40,000 m² of own warehouse space available for the retail trade
  • Quality Control and Consolidation
  • Maximum flexibility with delayed goods, loading, and delivery 24/7

We operate from a warehouse located in the center of the port of Rotterdam. Here we have 30,000m² of warehouse space and 10,000m² of covered area at our disposal. This ideal location is very suitable for project logistics. Have we aroused your interest? Request a quote now:

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Rene Notenboom

Retail Specialist

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