Transport Canada

Transport Canada

Ship-Road is a specialist in transport to and from Canada. We do not say ‘No’ to any challenge and think it is the sport to optimize your Canada logistics as well. Would you like to use our service to sell your products here or to buy goods here? You can engage us for all your import or export shipments. We organize your entire logistics. Whether you send your goods by air freight or by sea freight, Ship-Road knows the way.

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Ocean freight Canada

We take care of all your transport and logistics to and from Canada. Whether it concerns parcels, pallets, groupage, full loads, containers, exceptional or ADR shipments. We take care of your ocean freight logistics.

Airfreight Canada

Ship-Road is present at all airports in Canada through our extensive network. Our specialists will also find their way to Europe for your airfreight. Whether this is to or via the Netherlands, we have the total solution.


Through our international network in Canada, it is possible to serve all ports in Canada. By using selected agents, we can also guarantee the service you are used to from us in Canada.

Do you have a logistical challenge for us? Contact us. We are happy to take this on.


The name Canada is derived from the Indian word Kanata, which means settlement. The country was inhabited by Native Americans and Inuit for thousands of years before being explored and colonized by Europeans, particularly French and English, beginning in the 16th century. France lost its colony of New France to the English in 1763. In 1867, four English colonies formed the Canadian Confederation. With the Statute of Westminster in 1931, Canada gained more autonomy within the British Empire and in 1982 the country also became formally independent from the United Kingdom through the Canada Act.

Canada is a federal state with 10 provinces and 3 territories and a parliamentary constitutional monarchy (a Commonwealth realm). The head of state of Canada is Queen Elizabeth II who is represented in Canada by the Governor-General while the head of government is the Prime Minister. It is a bilingual country where both English and French have official status.

Characteristics of the Canada transport by Ship-Road:

  • Fulfilling agreements with Canada transport
  • Always competitive prices with our Canada transport
  • Good transit times to and from Canada
  • One permanent contact person for your transports to and from Canada

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