Warehousing services

As a Shiproad, we have a total capacity of 250,000 m² of storage space. As one of the few logistics service providers, we as ShipRoad have warehouses under our own management, we offer you specific warehousing solutions per location. Our warehouse in Rotterdam-Botlek is suitable for the storage of consumer goods, cross-docking of your cargo, and the loading/unloading of cars in containers. Also the storage of goods for the offshore and oil and gas industry.

A new emerging specialty is e-fulfillment or e-commerce logistics. We take care of stock management, order picking, packing, and shipping for you. You can also contact us for other VAL services. At our other locations, we also provide other special cargo types. We have a warehouse on the Maasvlakte where we can store or transship your ADR goods (hazardous goods). All ADR products are stored in accordance with the latest government guidelines and regulations. Your dangerous goods are at the right address with us. The location in the Albrandswaard has the certificates for the food, feed, and pharmaceutical industry. The Hoogvliet location is extremely suitable for project logistics and temporary storage. Our warehouses and systems are state-of-the-art and can offer you the following:

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Joost Mooijweer

Warehouse Specialist

Tel: +31 6 21 195 671E-mail: joost.mooijweer@neelevat.com

EDI, WMS, Webservices, RF


Naturally, our branches have a state-of-the-art WMS. Our system knows exactly what, where and when goods come in and leave. Our system also sends automatic stock lists at times when you want and to whom you want. We can do this monthly, but also weekly or even daily.

EDI connections

Unburdening your supply chain is one of our tasks. By setting up an EDI connection between two networks, we can optimize a number of processes. Just think about:

  • Time-saving
  • Standardization
  • Preventing errors
  • Process safety

Warehousing with RF Scanning

To optimize the flow of goods, we use RF scanning. Each location is labeled so that we know exactly which goods are where and when they arrived. The system is set up in such a way that we can also read a wide range of customer labels.

Web portal

A diversity of reports is available via our web portal. It is very easy to review the entered order as well as the current stock. What is also not entirely unimportant is that this system is Monkeyproof. You always have your data available and you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong in the software.

Advantages of using the web portal:

  • No costs
  • available 24/7
  • User friendly
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via the Internet